About Me

Hi , I’m Bhavya . I love Books , Technology and Cosmos .

I’m a self-taught Pentester , Programmer and Pianist .I’ve Worked on several projects in field of Hacking , IOT , Machine Learning and Robotics . I’ve keen interest in Pentesting . 

My hobby is to tinker with electronics ! I also like to participate in tech expos and Competitions . 

My Skills

Information Security / Pentesting
Linux / Networking / Sys Administration
IOT / Robotics


Robotex Regional Competition (indore) 2019 Winner and Selected for Robotex Nationals 2019

EdoFest Indore 2019 Winner

Technoxian World Robotics Championship Winner

My Projects


My First Project ! This Pollution hunting robot won me Robotex Regional Championship . It was built upon Raspberry pi and multiple sensors to detect Poisonous and Flammable gases . It then filtered those gases through a chemical process by the use of activated carbon .


Rescue Support Robot , was my next venture . I created this bot for the purpose of supporting rescue teams and increasing their efficiency , reducing the chances of anyone getting hurt . Recon had multiple cameras , all the frames were used for image processing to detect humans trapped inside the accident area . This robot also used image processing to run autonomously through gesture recognition . It also had several sensors such as PIR , Ultrasonic , MQ2, MQ9 , Flame sensors etc .


A Deep Learning , NLP and IOT based Expert System made to diagnose Acute illness and Dispense the Medicine .
This Project is my life's work inspired by my father and i Won EdoFest Indore and World Robotics Championship in Innovation Category presenting this Project . I am also working on patenting the project .


Apart from Innovation , I also love Robowars . This was my first warbot in 30kg category with spinning drum as the weapon and slope as the defense.