Why Python is So Popular

Why Python is So Popular ? Lets see why .

Python recently became buzzword for newbies. This programming language holds a huge potential in many different areas of technology. 

Python is widely used by Pentration testers , Data Scientists , System Administrators , Web Developers , IOT developers , Machine Learning Engineers etc.

Programming languages like C or Pascal focus on the functional side of programming. In addition , Combination of several functions are used to write programs in this type of programming languages. This type of programming approach is known as Procedural Programming .Computer Scientists solved this problem by inventing Object Oriented Programming languages . In addition , Classes and Objects are used to write Programs in Object Oriented programming languages . Examples of OOP languages are Java , .NET etc.

A lot of programmers started migrating from programming languages like C or Pascal to Java and .NET .In Java , it is not possible to write a program without writing at least one class ! This makes the code a lot lengthier . In addition , this becomes very time consuming in many cases.

Programmers wanted a programming language which could work in both procedural and Object Oriented Approach .

This is where Python came into importance . Python is a programming language that combines the features of procedural and Object Oriented Programming languages. “Guido Van Rossum” developed Python in the year 1991. It is available as open source software , which means anybody can freely download it from www.python.org and use it to develop programs. Anybody can access python’s source code and modify as per the requirements in projects.

Now , lets take a look at some reasons why python is so popular among programmers .

Features of Python

Simple : Python is very simple programming language. When we read a python program , we feel like reading English. Python’s English alike syntax makes it very simple and powerful .

Easy to Learn : Python has very few keywords . Furthermore , Its simple syntax allows new programmers to learn it very easily .

Open Source : Python is Free . Anybody can freely download python from www.python.org .

Dynamically Typed : We do not need to declare anything in python. In python programs , Data can be modified dynamically .This gives it advantage over statically typed programming languages like Java and C .

Platform Independent : Byte Code is generated when a python program is compiled using a python compiler . In addition , This byte code is fixed set of instructions.Although it run on all operating systems and hardware. This means Python programs are not dependent on any specific Operating System.

Extensible : Code written in C or C++ can be integrated into Python. There are a lot of different flavors of python available.These flavors can help you integrate specific languages in python.

Embeddable : Python programs or code can be easily inserted into other programming languages like C , C++ , Delphi , PHP , Java and .NET.

Huge Library : Python has a Huge Library . This library can be used on any Operating System like UNIX , Windows or Macintosh. Programmers can take advantage of the modules available in the Python library.

Scripting : Penetration testers and Sys Admins generally prefer python to create Scripts for automating various tasks.

Database Connectivity : Python provides interfaces to connect its programs to all major databases like Oracle , Sybase or MySql.

Scalable : Pythom programs are Scalable as they can run on any platform.

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